There is no magic, but there are a lot of tricks.

The mindset

We apply to ourselves the same approaches that we offer to our clients. So &friends is constantly evolving, adapting and mixing disciplines. This is the mindset of a start-up, but applied to specialized consulting services.

Workshops / Design / Strategy

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Because we believe that the whole will always be greater than the sum of its parts, &friends specializes in strategic support and the design of solutions from radically collaborative workshops.

We work mainly for

  • Design solutions (effective, innovative, relevant… your choice)
  • Align stakeholders
  • Collaborate beyond cooperation
  • Help make decisions on issues of strategic importance

What we offer

Want concrete examples? OK!

  • Prototype the next Sépaq transactional site to facilitate stakeholder alignment.
  • Derisking Radio-Canada's innovation with Design Sprint.
  • Accelerate startup growth through Lean prototyping.
  • Map the business processes of a department to simplify them.

The common point of all these projects: the stakeholders are involved, the teams collaborate and the result is applicable (we don't like reports that end up on a tablet).

Tailor-made workshops

Tell us about your goal, and we'll build the perfect workshop for your team and their goals.

In person, or online
From 3 hours to 3 weeks
With 3 participants, or 30, or 300

Well-known recipes

You have heard of a type of workshop and want to try the adventure: we master several.

Design Sprint : Google’s method
Lightning Decision Jam: to simplify decision-making
Branding Design Sprint: evolve your brand image
Design d’entreprise: to make your organization more coherent
Strategy sprint: developing a strategy beyond buzzwords
Enterprise Design: simplify and align your business processes
Vision sprint: engage your teams and customers with a clear corporate vision
Brainstorms: an improved classic for innovating and reinventing
User journey: map the journey of your customers / users
Service blueprint: identify how to improve your services
Purpose Venn Diagram: finding Your Business X


Become a workshop facilitator
Learn about Google's Design Sprint
Get started with Design Thinking
Design amazing Miro paintings

The world of collaborative workshops inspires you, but you can't find your way around yet? No problem! It will be our pleasure to guide you.

You can always find us and read us on linkedin.

Vous pouvez toujours nous retrouver et nous lire sur linkedin.


Around 2012, the two &friends worked together in a large digital agency in Quebec. There is clearly a “fit” and more and more special projects are entrusted to them. It is through these that they learn and develop new ways of collaborating, designing solutions and planning for the future. In 2021, they meet again after a few years and realize that, more than ever, companies must review their ways of collaborating. The rest is under construction.

There will undoubtedly be other &friends who will be added to the pair, since the objective is collective. To be continued !

Eric Letarte

Éric Letarte

Facilitateur et concepteur numérique

I was thinking of just copying my LinkedIn bio hereut I thought you deserved better. Creativity and the business world have always fascinated me (I saw myself in Mad Men) and I have a big weakness for literature. I live in Montreal, prefer workshops in person than on screen, and to talk about a project, the aperitif seems ideal to me.

Jean-Sébastien Daigle

Jean-Sébastien Daigle

Facilitateur, Designer et Gentleman

Well, after copying/pasting my LinkedIn bio, I read Eric's... I rewrote everything. So, I'm the team's jack of all trades. Yeah, I do facilitation, branding, UX, Ui, quick prototyping, user research, photography, illustration, video editing, rock climbing, bike and so on. I also did the HTML and CSS for this website. I always have this desire to dissect everything I do to understand how it works. It comes in handy as an obsession, especially when it comes time to help yourself.

Bragging rights

It's not that we're so boastful, but we weren't born yesterday either. The idea here is not to make a pizza of logos to impress you (does it still impress anyone anyway?). Nor to put very generous testimonials (knowing that we will never put the least complimentary). Anyway, in innovation, everything is under do not disclose. We therefore prefer to tell you a little about our last years.

Dwarves on the shoulders of giants

Once upon a time there were two web professionals (a designer and a strategist) who were not afraid of the unknown. However, if the demand for innovation was there, on paper at least, in reality, it was something else. Their colleagues then challenged them to find a way to stimulate less conformist but still relevant projects without scaring everyone too much.

They searched for a long time.
Wandered, a lot.
Tested dozens of approaches.
Be wrong, often.
Learned some stuff.
Made new friends.
Do not get discouraged.

Eventually, after a couple of years, they mastered what IDEO, Google, TBWA and other forward-thinking companies had been building for a few decades. Simple and effective ways to use psychology, group dynamics, creative sciences, cognitive approaches and facilitation techniques to encourage teams to invent together well beyond their habits. The power of collective intelligence, structured and optimized for today's world.



And all that work brought them...

  • To introduce these methods to many companies.
  • To be trained at the Berlin Design Sprint Academy.
  • To be invited to Google's The Sprint Conference events.
  • To give several conferences on the subject, even internationally.
  • To participate in the reinvention of Google's creative practices, during the Relay event.
  • To develop a Quebec community of practice on facilitation.
  • To coach lots of wonderful people interested in these new approaches.
  • To create &friends.

And having a lot of fun doing it all.